The vicinity around Altair Luxury Residencies to become a major entertainment and recreational hub

March 20, 2015

The new government’s intention on reviving the Colombo Megapolis project include making the Beira Lake area a major entertainment and recreation hub.

More developments are on the horizon in Sri Lanka as plans to modernize Colombo and the greater Western Province into a regional hub are in full swing, with the assistance and support of a Singaporean firm (refer source below). The plan will revolutionize and transform the entire Western Province into one of South Asia’s most prominent region, housing around 8.3 million people and stretching all the way from Beruwala to Negombo with Colombo as the core city. Colombo, in particular, will evolve into a major centre capable of competing with other regional giants.

The Beira Lake region will become a key attraction of Colombo by evolving into its major entertainment and recreational hub. The area, already known for its beauty, will become an even more welcoming sight by hosting the Altair Sri Lanka luxury apartment towers among an array of entertainment and recreational options that would satisfy even the most insatiable entertainment enthusiast.

Amid increased business activity in southern Indian cities such as Chennai and Bangalore, the establishment of the Western Region Megapolis would instantly make it attractive to many foreign businesses. In addition to its appeal to foreign businesses, the plan is also very good for locals as it embodies a “live-work-plan” concept that promotes a higher quality of life by enabling people to live within close proximity to their workplaces. It is clear that this plan will not only benefit business but also the day-to-day livelihoods of Sri Lankans and it’s foreign residents.

Greater regional planning and organization will make the region instantly become a beacon of investment, prime real estate and luxury in South Asia. With luxury and revolutionary development projects like Altair Sri Lanka already underway, this initiative will undoubtedly lead to greater property investment and the accentuation of Colombo as the crème de la crème of South Asian mega-cities. Luxury Condominiums in Sri Lanka.

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