Lotus Tower — A beacon of the Colombo skyline in the vicinity of Altair

April 25, 2016

Colombo’s skyline is rapidly changing. Altair is set to be one of the city’s tallest structures, standing at 240 meters high. Towards the North-East side of the Altair apartments is the new Lotus Tower now under construction. Standing 350 meters high it’s billed to be the tallest structure in South Asia.

The Lotus Tower will primarily function as a transmission tower but will also include shopping centres, food courts, banquet halls and a revolving restaurant. There will be an observation deck and high speed elevators, which can reach the observation deck in less than a minute. The facility is complete with an underground car park for 2,000 vehicles and is expected to be a hub of activity with sports, shopping arcade and entertainment facilities to be built in and around the tower.

During national festivities, the Lotus tower will have special displays which will be a special treat for the residents of Altair. Due to the unique locational positioning and and vistas afforded by Altair , the Tower will be visible from no fewer than 5 different types of Altair flats i.e  A, D, E, G and H. These flats have a great view of the Lotus tower in all its glory.

To catch a glimpse of how the lotus tower may view from these apartments, see the videos in our views section.

Both iconic landmarks in Sri Lanka, the Lotus Tower and the Altair Apartments in Colombo are to be completed by the end of 2017.

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