Altair joins CandleAid Lanka to help families affected by the recent floods

July 22, 2016

Tiseke Watte is a plot of low lying land bordering a tributary of the Diyawanna Oya Lake, on which 42 low income families live. These families make a living mainly as household helpers or by doing various odd jobs for contractors and service providers. The recent bout of flood washed away what little these families had, and caused their homes to collapse. To make matters worse, the concave nature of the land hindered floodwaters from receding, leaving Tiseke Watte in a muddy, battered state. Tiseke Watte received a total funding of Rs. 500,000 from three donors connected to CandleAid Lanka. Rs. 400,000 from Altair and We Are One Lanka was used to purchase roofing sheets and planks, while the remaining Rs. 100,000 from Altair staff was used to purchase chairs and stools.