Altair Development Progress

Altair at Night (April 2019)

April 18, 2019


While the painting of the Altair structure continues the fixation of glass windows also continues while the 63rd floor infinity pool and the sky garden are taking shape.

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Development Progress – April 2019

April 4, 2019


While the painting of the Altair structure continues the fixation of glass windows also continues while the 63rd floor infinity pool and the sky garden are taking shape.

Development Progress – February 2019

February 11, 2019


While the painting of the Altair structure continues the fixation of glass windows also continues.

Development Progress – December 2018

December 22, 2018


Altair Aglow.

Altair completed outer structure light up for the holiday season. While the painting of the Altair  continues the roof top sky garden and infinity pool is also taking shape .

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Development Progress – September 2018

October 9, 2018


While the painting of the Altair structure continues the roof top sky garden and infinity pool is also taking shape .


Development Progress – June 2018

June 13, 2018

Painting of Colombo’s iconic structure has commenced. When Complete Altair will be one of the tallest structures in Sri Lanka.



Development Progress – April 2018

April 6, 2018

The latest images of Altair, offering unique luxury apartments for sale in Sri Lanka is soon to grace Colombo’s skyline. Scheduled to open in 2018.


Altair Residential Development Tops Out

February 2, 2018


Altair, the 69-story luxury residential complex which fronts Beira Lake in Colombo, celebrated its “topping out” to mark the completion of structural work. Going back to ancient times, the topping out ceremony marks the milestone of the placement of the last structural steel beam at the final roof height. This important moment also celebrates the accomplishment of the structural construction crews and the transition to interior construction.

Altair is composed of two slender tower blocks, with one block leaning into the other vertical tower, which supports it. The towers are oriented to the movement of the sun and to harness the tropical breezes, and the units offer 270-degree views of Beira Lake and the Indian Ocean. The unique diagrid structural system accentuates the slope of the inclined stepped tower.

“It is very exciting to see the completed building form tapering elegantly toward the sky. The unique combination of a straight and a sloping stepped tower gives the building a very distinctive appearance and has become a landmark for locals and tourists,” said Charu Kokate, who visits the site regularly. The diagrid structure is highly rationalized and allows for naturally ventilated and beautifully lit units. The units are very private and with their special entrances are like “little houses in the sky”.

A generous allocation of space for public areas, a feature of high-end buildings, is even more evident in this building. Of Altair’s 1.5 million square feet of space, 828,000 square feet or 55 per cent is residential space. Of the balance, 36,000 square feet is allocated for retail while 636,000 square feet, or 42.5 per cent is public space.


The 400-unit towers offer spectacular views of the Beira Lake, the Indian Ocean and the city of Colombo. The building is scheduled for completion in July 2018 and is already 70 per cent sold.

Taken from safdiearchitects.com


Development Progress – November 2017

November 28, 2017

The latest images of Altair, soon to grace Colombo’s skyline with luxurious living. Scheduled to open in 2018.


Altair completes first 100 piles for Sri Lanka’s tallest condominium

April 3, 2013

Construction work on Altair, Sri Lanka’s tallest luxury condominium, is on track with the completion of 100 of 288 piles targeted for March 2013, INDOCEAN Developers, the promoter of the iconic project reports.

Announcing the milestone, the company said the four test piles, carried out at the Sir James Peiris Mawatha site overlooking the Beira Lake at 200 per cent of the design load, showed that each pile can successfully bear a load of 2,200 tons, which is twice the load required by the structural design.

“This kind of project demands vision, strength and determination,” said Mr. Sushil Mohta, Director of Indocean Developers (private) Ltd., who visited the site during the piling. “It’s about testing oneself, always pushing to the limit. That is why Indocean went out and tested the piles to twice their designed capacity.”

The Altair team that inspected the site also comprised of Directors Jugal Khetawat and Pradeep Sureka, the Structural Engineer Predrag Eror and the Vice President – Projects Iraklis Andreakis. “The structural integrity of all our projects is paramount among our values,” Mr. Pradeep Sureka said.

Indocean Director Jugal Khetawat added: “We recently completed Wind Tunnel Tests for Altair in London by the wind-engineering experts RWDI whose project portfolio includes the tallest buildings in the world, the Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101 and Petronas Tower.”

Altair’s 288 driven piles will be connected to a raft foundation so as to distribute the building loads. The Piling Contractor for the project is San Piling, a sister company of the leading construction company Sanken Lanka. Piling work is expected to be complete by June this year.

Comprising of two tower blocks, one of which leans on to the other, Altair, with an address of 127, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, will rise to 68 stories, offering its 410 apartments spectacular views of the Beira Lake and the Indian Ocean. The building has been designed by the globally recognized celebrity architect Moshe Safdie. Besides its 1.5 million square feet of high-end eco-friendly living space, the development will also offer 40,000 square feet of up-market retail space.

Indocean is a venture of South City Group, which brings together over 150 years of cumulative development experience. The Group has, till date, completed 10 million square feet of real estate developments worth more than USD 350 million and currently has 20 million square feet of space worth USD 1.1 billion under construction.

Pioneering large-scale urban developments, with the collaboration of international consultants and development professionals, is the track record of South City Group which has pledged to deliver a superior and landmark development for Sri Lankan and expatriate residents.

The Altair development

The Altair development

Directors at the site

Directors at the site

Piling in progress

Piling in progress